Showglass Media International: Company Policy

Code of Conduct:

  • All employees are expected to conduct themselves professionally and adhere to ethical standards

  • Respect for colleagues, clients, and partners should be maintained at all times.

  • Discrimination, harassment, and any form of offensive behavior at the workplace is prohibited.

  • All employees are to appear according to (for shoots and works) the nature of activities per time.

  • Mode of identity provided by the company must always be in use (for work and shoots).

Work Hours and Attendance:

  • Adhere strictly to working hours and days as it is in your appointment letter

  • Request for time off shall only be under the premise of a health condition.

  • Calling in sick should not be more than once a month.

  • A staff cannot decide to be absent from work without a substantial pre-reported reason.

  • Absence from work attracts a financial penalty of 2 days from monthly payment.

  • A cumulative habitual absence of 3 days results dismissal

  • As peculiar to a media establishment, observation of public holidays are conditional.

Social Responsibility Of Employees

  • All team members and staff are expected to promote contents of the Showglass Media on personal social platforms and improve Brands visibility by deliberate display of the company's projects per time, graphics/video contents amongst others.

Confidentially and Data Protection:

  • As concerning protecting sensitive company and client information, as well as companies confidential data, A staff can only carry out tasks and duties assigned according to the scope of the job per time. Audio, pictorial and video content, as well as passwords and google sheets amongst others should strictly be regarded as inaccessible except when authorized.

  • Communication with clients will only be with designated staff. should a staff go ahead to engage in communication with a client without being instructed, the company will term it as work insubordination and will be subjected to necessary punishment.

  • Working with THE SHOWGLASS MEDIA INTERNATIONAL automatically pre-supposes that every employee is under a Non-disclosure agreement(NDAs). This NDA prevents every staff from publishing or in any form pre-announcing contents, ideas and ''content in the works'' without official release and approval of such contents, therefore, it is pertinent to ask rather than assume before putting out any original content of the showglass media via any medium.

Intellectual Property:

  • The content and ideas created solely or collectively as part of the SHOWGLASS MEDIA team is a copyright to The SHOWGLASS media international alone and cannot be used by an individual or suggested to another organization during or after employees engagement with the SHOWGLASS MEDIA.

  • The intellectual property of every employee and affiliated creative to the SHOWGLASS media would be acknowledged and respected. Where necessary, Employees part of media content published would be in their name credited according to roles played in achieving the media content.

Professional Development and Training:

  • Every employee should be intentional with learning and developing in their field of engagement and also be open to learning and building capacity in other areas within the scope of work in our media company, as there might need to be a shift in roles and responsibilities towards achieving a set goal.

Performance Evaluation:

  • It is important to document tasks carried out on a daily basis for a weekly report needed to carry out an evaluation on every employee's performance.

  • Appraisal and incentives may be awarded to employees as well as sanctions depending on the outcome of the evaluation.

Termination and Resignation:

  • Employees Resignation from the SHOWGLASS media international cannot be abrupt, it is mandatory that a one month prior notice be issued to the Human Resource Department and a copy be handed directly to the Creative Director.

  • Termination from the SHOWGLASS media stands according to the terms stated on this company's policy. However, Termination can also be instantly issued for various other misconduct not stated in this policy but agreed by the quantum of the administrative personnel after reaching a consensus.

  • It is expedient that within the one month notice of resignation, the employee in question would be subjected to an exit interview with the HR personnel or creative director of the establishment.

  • Adequate transfer and return of all company assets must be meticulously done prior to or after the exit interview.